banovinaIn the vicinity of Nis Fortress, facing toward the river Nisava, is located the building of the old district offices in Nis. After the liberation from Ottomans in 1878. the building was built in four years. The building was erected as facility that is with its position, size, style characteristics, represent the most monumental, the most representative public building in the former Nis. It was built by the plans of the Viennese architect, whose name remained unknown until today.

This building was important, among other things, because of connection with numerous important historical events. In the period from 26 July 1914, to 16 October in 1915, this building has had the office of the President of the Serbian government, Nikola Pasic. Exactly here was on 28 July 1914. received a telegram, by which Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, which was also the formal beginning of the First World War.

In October 1915 Nis was captured by the Bulgarian army. Then Nis was visited by Tsar Ferdinand and Tsarina Eleanor, who stay in the palace. In January 1916. visiting Nis arrives Kaiser Wilhelm II, accompanied by Field Marshal von Mackensen. Kaiser proclaimed King Ferdinand of Field Marshal of the German Army’s impressive military parade passed by both rulers, the palace is a lavish reception. European rulers of Austria, Germany, and Bulgaria were watched from the balcony of this building, the last parade, of their military units, before their big defeat in the First World War.

Serbs restore control over Nis in 1918. Although for three years, the palace in Nis is part of the Third Bulgarian Tsardom. After the war, the building remains still under the district offices. District offices, was at that time, contained besides district from Nis, also five more districts. Increasing of the entire administrative apparatus, has led to the need to expand of office space within the building.

Today, this building is also location for University, University library, Chamber of Commerce and the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Nis. Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Nis decided in 1972. decides to give an official proclamation on building of the old district offices, as cultural monuments.